Our Mission is to open the mind’s eye of the people/seekers by offering them the opportunity to experience the many gifts of our ancient healing methods.  The Reiki Wellness Center will guide you to a clear DIS-EASE free pathway of purity for the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

My name is Master Kaceylove. I'm a Certified Reiki Master/Therapist a (RMT) Practitioner, I am a Healer, An Energy Alchemist and an official accredited Ordained Minister. I have been called to practice Reiki since 2010 as a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki teacher, I teach people how to heal themselves and others. I obtained my down line lineage of Mastership from a Master Teacher that received her training from highly skilled RMT’s up to the Founder of Reiki himself, Master Mikao Usui. 

 My ancestors, are Southern American and Native American heritage.  I've been told that as far back as the early 1800's, we have always been about holistic healing.  Today several generations later, we still are.  My family knows that eating natural foods like fruits & vegetables, and using fresh herbs and essential oil compounds along with specific knowledge are key in being healthy and whole.  Natural medicine is our way of life.   I have learned to appreciate the teachings of my long, rich history and grandma's many homemade remedies.  She always used only the most natural, purest supplements for many types of Dis-Ease.  Today, I also use nature's medicine cabinet along with my certified skills and knowledge to help my clients.  

Along with my holistic practice, I have incorporated other modalities of healing like Reiki.  Reiki is a different type of therapy.  My Reiki practice offers a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing which is generated by your own Universal Life Force Energy.  By opening up your 7 Chakras and allowing your energy to be unblocked and generated.  An External-Bio way to Heal and ultimately it is really all up to you!

My Practice is an exciting exploration of self.  The RWC offers a very comfortable (Positive Energy) with a warm relaxing ambiance.  Absolutely superb for my unique Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Mastership Classes, & Healing Meditation Circles, all in a peaceful, tranquil setting.  Clients that frequent my services appreciate the natural enlightenment in which I use in compliance with amazing energy tools and supplies for different types of Wellness needs.

Some people may have very specific health concerns. We always suggest that you see your Doctor, they may offer other services that we do not provide.  

The RWC always offers a Free first time consultation as our first step towards a balanced well being and good health.  Our utmost concern is in the interest of your best health condition.

My office is located in the heart of the beautiful City of Santa Clarita, CA.  I may travel locally for Clients when necessary.

Call For Your FREE Consultation and ask about the 30 Minute Session Special                Use Reiki 4 Life  (661) 877.7867 


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