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DISCLAIMER:  I am n​ot a Licensed M.D.  I am a Certified Alchemist and a Reiki Master.  I practice Reiki Healing, Holistic, Naturopathic Medicine and Metaphysical Science.  I am not claiming that the Energy Bio-Healing Rods or any other service that I offer will in fact heal your mind, body, or spirit and to avoid any possible lawsuits, I state this in writing and have my clients sign on paper that they acknowledge this.  However, I can confirm that I have sold many Rods to very satisfied customers.  As I too use them.  I personally feel better using them for my own healing purposes. 

Energy Bio-Healing Rods

The Energy Bio-Healing Rods often stimulate physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Healing Rods have an ancient history, they are beautiful to look at, incredible to touch and hold in your hands, and offer so many incredible benefits. Our RWC Healing Rods really must be experienced first hand!


Stress Reduction


High Blood Pressure

Arteriole Sclerosis

Poor Vision

Poor Hearing

Joint Pain

Gastric Diseases


Emotional Imbalances

Co-ordination & Dyslexia

Improve Intelligence

Improved Strength

Correct functioning of the Heart

Calcium Deficiency  


Memory Retention

Menopausal Symptoms

Poor Sleep Patterns

Depression especially those of a nervous nature

Bronchial Asthma

And So Much More…

Energy Healing Therapy

Reiki Wellness Centers


 (Ray + Qi = Universal Life Energy)

What We Offer Our Clients

The Reiki Wellness Center offers many special services, including but not limited to Alchemy and Metaphysical Enlightenment, Holistic & Alternative Medicinal Choices, Natural Health Supplement Consultations, Classes, Orgonomics, and of course Reiki Healing Sessions.  We even offer Marriage Services by an Ordained Minister.  


Reiki Sessions - Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing Sessions 

Reiki Classes I, II & (III Mastership)

Detox Ion Immunity Cleanse

Moxibustion Therapy

Crystal Grounding Bathe

Pyramid Energy Upload

Singing Bowl Meditation Circles

Tuning Fork Manipulation

Energy Bio-Healing Rods

Cleansing and Charging Crystals 

Healing Stones

Orgonites - Metaphysical

Sound / Light / Vibration Therapy

Chakra Jewelry

Dream Catcher’s

Books, DVDs, and Cd's

Natural Health Supplements & Vitamins

Fresh Herbs

doTERRA Essential Oils & Compounds

Universal Marriage Services (Non-Denomination)

And Much, Much More...